Next Generation Forensic Auditing

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Next Generation Forensic Auditing

Next Generation Forensic Auditing training will be held on 30th June to 1st July 2014 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Mr. Tom Mc Leod, the Mc Leod Governance will be the trainer for this event. This event will assist you in integrating the Risk Based and Forensic Auditing to mitigate the risk of fraud and honestly lay bare to the proprietors the true condition of the undertaking. Tom’s work has been always fascinated by many senior managers such as, the CFO of Deloitte & Touche USA stated that “Tom is the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable practitioner of Internal Audit I have met. This knowledge and enthusiasm combined with his ability to balance business and control needs make him a strong all round Internal Audit executive”.

In this event, he will be addressing the evaluation existing frameworks for identifying, evaluating and reporting on fraudulent activities, the understanding of of impact of data analytics on the application of forensic auditing, improving on fraudulent activities and interview methods, gathering evidence to support possible litigation and the frameworks that reduce risk and fraud.

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